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The senior citizens residence, Haus Heidhorn, is situated in an historical park. A new building has been added to the complex thus creating an open space, which unites the surrounding buildings (senior citizens residence, nuns residence, NABU meeting and training centre). The open space joins up with the adjacent spacious park.

In the south a gentle path leads to a pasture for sheep and with a pond – in the north the existing chapel and old trees are highlighted. A sheltered garden offers a recreation area for patients with dementia. In the inner courtyard beds of plants appeal to the senses of smell and touch.

Landscape architect: brandenfels landscape + environment, Münster
Architect: Wörmann Architekten, Ostbevern
Client: Alexianer Beteiligunsgesellschaft mbH
Construction time: 2009 – 2010
Planning area: 2,6 ha
Construction costs: 300.000,- €