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The “Regionalverband Ruhr” connects the former Roman camps of Xanten and Haltern with cycle and hiking/walking paths. For part of the way these paths follow former railway lines, now a registered historical monument, which offers new potential for tourist development in the communities in the vicinity.

Care has been taken to improve the safety at intersections with roads to provide an uninterrupted pleasure.

During the construction particular care was taken to minimise damage to flora and fauna, providing dead wood barriers and sunny places for reptiles also beautiful picnic areas all of which enhance the attractiveness of the routes.

Landscape architect: brandenfels landscape + environment, Münster
Architect: Regionalverband Ruhr, Essen
Construction time: 2011 - 2012
Length of the bike and hiking trail: 1. phase 2,9 km; 2. phase 5,9 km
Construction costs: 1.110.000 €