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The concept for the outdoor area for the administration building takes into account its users: the architects designed it as an open and communicative building “a green ribbon of conversation” joining the individual parts of the building. At the same time a pleasing contrast to the otherwise strict appearance is created.

Special spaces are created in the two glazed atria in which Chinese inspired stone walls in combination with tall fishtail palm trees and calming water features form an attraction.

In the lower service floor a 65 m long strip of glass nuggets reflects light from an illuminated wall into the adjoining cafeteria and Offices.

Landscape architect: brandenfels landscape + environment, Münster
Architect: Dyk Ryang Architekten, Düsseldorf in Kooperation mit HPP BPM, Düsseldorf und Landheer Architekten, Münster
Client: LVM Versicherungen, Münster
Construction time: 2005 – 2008
Construction costs: 1 Mio. €