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Environmental-compatibility-study for a tourism project, Germany

The building predemand of an investor was granted negatively by the ad-ministration district Waren-dorf with the reason that the examination of the effects of the building project on the environ-mental protected area Davert had not taken place. There upon the project carrier went to the administration court Münster and complained on the distribution of a preliminary decision by the administration district Warendorf.  The adminis-trative court Münster de-cided after a verbal negotiation that an expert opinion was to be caught up to the environmental compatibility.

Hereby the office Branden-fels was assigned. Our expertise takes in particular position to the possible operational conse-quences, those exist in this case from rides into the environmental protection area. It describes the kind of the effects and discusses their impairment intensity.

As the kind of the effects can differ depending upon management, a „best-case-” and a „worst-case-szenario” regarding the impairment intensity is evaluated. 

Gutachter: brandenfels landscape + environment, Münster
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