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The planning area is characterised by the transition between the city, riverside meadow and river. A promenade forms the edge of the town and thus defines the boundary between urbanity and countryside. 1,5 m wide slabs give a rhythmic pattern to the promenade thus giving a clear definition of the edge transition into the Ruhr riverside meadow.

Here to guard against flooding, retention basins were formed in places where previously industrial waste had been dumped and recently disposed of.

Other attractions in the flood plain are generation playgrounds and water terraces, which heighten the experience of the Ruhr. The “Ruhrtalradweg” has become a very popular cycle track with many connections and an enlivening element.

Landscape architect: brandenfels landscape + environment, Münster
Client: Stadt Herdecke
Planning area: 10 ha
Construction costs: 4,3 Mio. Euro