Our office was established in the early 1970’s – a time that witnessed the rise of an ecological consciousness. Thus during the 40 years of its existence, our office has kept to its fundamental principle: the incentive to find the best solution for both humans mankind and nature.

Fact and Fiction.
Our work stresses the harmony between humans mankind and nature, combined with an aesthetically valuable realisation realization of our concepts. Between function and form, aesthetics and technique, we create appealing public places with a modern design. For: „As important as it is to protect our environment, as important is it to search for new designs that make our towns more interesting.“ (Jean-Michel Wilmotte)

Demands and Reality.
To guarantee the harmony of the between a building and with its surrounding landscape of humans and between mankind with and nature, our office maintains the an interdisciplinary  dialogue with different  disciplines. Our team is comprised of landscape architects, landscape planners, urban designers, landscape ecologists and geographers as well as architects. This stresses our interdisciplinary intentions. This underlines the interdisciplinary character of our work.

Internationality is part of our philosophy. Joining humans people from different cultures into one team is a main issue principal feature of our company. Thus we can offer and reach achieve the optimum for our clients – through the global employment of our team. Our projects in China speak for themselves.

Taking Part and Changing.
We are not alone in this world; we want to practice social responsibility and environmental protection. In order to pass on our knowledge we lecture e.g. at the technical university of Dortmund and give presentations to various committees. Furthermore we invite technical discussion through publication of our activities.

“One should pay attention to everything, because you can interpret everything.”
(Hermann Hesse, Das Glasperlenspiel)